Studio Rental Agreement

Terms Of Use:  By acknowledging this agreement, Renter(s) agree to the following:

Equipment Rental: Each additional light has a one-time fee of $35.00.


You may reschedule your booking with at least (2) two days (48 hours) notice.  If cancelled with less than 48 hr. notice, or if you are a “no show” the deposit will be forfeited.

The studio may be used for legal business activities only. There is absolutely NO SMOKING or in the building. Smoking is allowed outside of the building at least 20ft from the entrance. Renter is responsible for the clean-up of smoking-related debris (cigarettes, etc.) before leaving.

• The session shall start and end as set forth in this Agreement; set-up and clean-up time must take place during hours stated in this agreement.
• An additional charge of $50.00 per hour will be charged (in 15-minute increments) for each additional hour.

• Be present at all times during the rental
• Keep the event or session contained within the studio
• Maintain adult supervision of minors at all times
• Clean up trash or other items on premises prior to leaving 

The Studio agrees to provide all equipment in good working order but makes no special guarantees as to the studios’ functionality or suitability to
Renter’s purposes. The Renter is may use the entire studio, provided pre-lighting equipment (standard overhead lights), and any furniture within the studio area. Renter may not remove any kitchen items nor use any of the office furniture. The Studio is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, such as power outages, weather emergencies. Renter agrees to return all equipment and studio in the condition it was provided.  Renter agrees to immediately notify the Studio Manager of any damages, or equipment failure at the end of the session or as time allows.

In the event that Renter’s employees, Renter’s contractors, Renter’s clients, or any and all Renter’s visitors damage any equipment or studio Cyc, Renter agrees to pay for any and all repairs at the end of the session. Renter agrees to leave the studio clean as deemed through normal use.  Trash and other items resembling trash left behind will be as such and $100 cleaning fee will be added to the total at the end of the session.

At no time:

  • Are any liquids allowed on the studio Cyc
  • No adhesives can used or placed on the studio Cyc
  • Paints (liquid or aerosol) are not permitted inside the studio
  • The use products producing flames or smoke are not permitted at any time

Renter agrees to indemnify RDMG Studio and its employees of any damages or injuries to Renter or Renter’s employees, Renter’s contractors, Renter’s clients, or any and all Renter’s visitors that occur within or outside the studio premises.

Renter also agrees to provide a signed Liability Release Form from all persons that will be on the premises during the session prior to the session or at the time of possession. 

Redirect Marketing Group offers Liability Insurance for a fee of $100.00. (highly recommended)

The RDMG Studio is to be used for the purpose of photography, videography, that include such activities, as are necessary and usually incidental to such use. RDMG Studio reserves the right to inspect the equipment, studio, and furniture at any time during the rental term. Renter shall make any and all
arrangements necessary to permit a representative of the Studio access to the equipment and studio. If a breach of any of the provisions of the
Rental Agreement occurs, the Studio reserves the right to revoke Renter’s access to the equipment and studio without any liability to and without
prejudice to the Studio, the right to receive rent due or accrued to and including date of revocation.

Returned checks will incur additional charges including but not exceeding all bank fees plus a $35 processing fee. 

Refund requests must be made in writing and will be responded to promptly by management.